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Best Dye-Chem is proud to be associated with the following manufacturers:

M/s The Shepherd Color Company, a USA based 70 year old MNC, the worlds largest producer of complex inorganic pigments.Their range includes

M/s. Nubiola Pigmentos, a Spain based, 90 years old MNC, manufacturer of inorganic pigment.

WACKER is a Global Leader in production of Silicone Resins, Intermediates and Additives.

WACKER is a Global Leader in production of VAE Dispersions/ Binders & Vinyl Chloride Co-Polymers.

Complete line of complex inorganic color pigments, which are upto 800C heat stable and have FDA approvals for use in food contact Products. Arctic : Infrared reflective pigment, gives "cooling effect.", by reducing head build up on substrates. Star Light: Silver coated glass flake, give "sparkle like diamond effect." Dynamix : Dry dispersion technology. 100% pure, High Performance Pigments work in solvent & water borne systems alike. World's largest manufacturer of Ultramarine Blue Pigment.Their range includes : Ultramarine Blues & Violet, Synthetic Iron Oxide (Red, Yellow, Brown & Black), Micaceous Iron Oxide, Anticorrosive Pigment, Chrome Oxide Green, High Performance Chrome Pigment, Zinc Ferrite & Lead free Pigment etc. Ultramarine Blues find wide usage in colouring of food grade plastics. WACKER SILICONES : is a Global Leader in production of Silres? Silicone Resins, Intermediates & Additives for Industrial, Powder, Coil & Protective Coatings. WACKER POLYMERS : is a Global Leader in production of VINNAPAS, VAE, Dispersions/ Binders for a vast range of uses such as Architectural Coatings, Adhesives (Lamination & Wood) and Carpet Backing Materials etc.

VINNOL, Vinyl Chloride, Copolymers for use in Heat-Seal Lacquers, Protective, Coil & Industrial Coatings.

M/s. Mazda Colours Ltd., a Mumbai based manufacturer of Phthalocyanine Pigments.

M/s. Resin & Plastics Ltd. &
M/s. Pragati Chemicals Ltd., a Mumbai based firm

Remmers is a Manufacturer of Eco-friendly Wood protection systems.
MAZDA :The largest manufacturer and also exporter of such pigments in India.

Phthalocyanine Pigments are available in blue & green shades and find use widely and globally for colouring in rubber, plastic, paint, detergent and printing industries.

Also known as Pigment 15, 15.1, 15.3 & Green 7.

RPL/PCL : Pioneering in manufacture of all type of synthetic resins & co-polymers.Having a comprehensive range of resins,

RPL is a Asian Paints group company. Their range includes Alkyd, Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyamide (Reactive & Non-reactive), Amino (M/F & U/F), Ketonic,Malleic, Polyurethane, Phenol & PTBP Resins for Coating industries.

REMMERS : is a Manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Wood Protection systems
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